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YES! We wouldn't waste your time. Our vacuum uses those big plugs (240v) like your dryer, and has three motors. It can lift 12'' saplings out of your gutters, and shreds through leaves like butter. See for yourself.

We carry a general liability policy from Hiscox Insurance Company, Inc. It covers any accidental damages to your home, and some bodily injury. You can view our Coverage Certification here.

Not necessarily. As long as we can access all of your gutters, and you don't have any free-roaming animals, we should be able to complete the job without you being home. We'll email you the invoice, and you can pay online.

Generally, once a year is enough. You may need more or less frequent cleanings depending on how many trees there are around your home. We'll provide you with a recommendation once we've had a chance to view your property first-hand, and work with you to establish a regular cleaning schedule.

We take it with us. We won't dump it in your yard or leave it by the street.

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